Digital Media is a Growth Market For Russian Children

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MediaBistro reported that a new report from Anketki Research entitled Digital Parenting Russia, indicates that parents of young children in Russia are increasingly introducing their kids to digital media.

The report says that within two years, internet penetration within Russia is expected to reach 70% of the population, and the children’s products market is expected to grow by 30%. And with 30 million children in Russia, this is a potentially huge market that both app developers and eBook makers should be aware of.

Among the key findings:

Almost 90% of children use cell phones, and 80% use desktop computers on a regular basis. In addition, 14% of 16-to-18 year olds in Russia own a tablet.

Since intergenerational family life is still widespread, preschoolers spend much of their time with their mothers and grandmothers, who still prefer traditional media (TV, books, spoken word, music, etc.). Older children spend more time with their fathers, who show more enthusiasm for digital media: E-books, mobile apps, and online games are more frequently used and popular among male parents, who also show higher enthusiasm in using digital media for their children’s development.

And, as in the West, 65% of Russian parents use digital media to distract their children while trying to get chores done around the house, etc.

Read the entire report here (PDF download).

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