Report: E-book Platform Landscape, 8 Trends, 29 Companies Shaping a Market

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BlueLoop Concepts, the Chicago-based research and advisory firm focused on the mobile and digital markets, today published a new research report: The eBook Platform Landscape: 8 Trends and 29 Companies Shaping a Market.

Company founder Chris Rechsteiner explained to Publishing Perspectives how the report came into being:

“The core of it is quite simple: When we asked the question, ‘Which companies are developing e-book authoring platforms or offering independent authors e-book production services an answer?’ there wasn’t an answer. Everyone we asked (mind you — these were executives in the publishing, e-book retail and technology communities as well as authors) said the same thing — ‘I don’t know. Lots of them. When you find the list, will you share it with me?’

“This report seeks only to begin answering this question. Our intent is to provide insight on a highly dynamic market and its participants — the organizations that are actively shaping the publishing and ebook markets.

What came out of the project was quite a bit more than simply identifying some really interest, emerging companies. What we found was that there were eight very clearly identifiable trends that came up in each of the briefings. No matter how the briefing began or ended, somewhere in each discussion multiples of these trends appeared.

Once the profiles were done it became glaringly apparent that we needed to publish something a bit more than the ‘list’ or the ‘profiles’ (if you will), simply because everyone was asking ‘what should we be paying attention to?’

The vision was expanded to incorporate this request and the rest, as they say, is history…at least until the next wave of comments, questions, inquiries and insights appears and then we’ll have to dig back in all over again.”

Download the report here.

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