PublishNews Brazil: Priests Dominate Bestsellers, Publishers Fight “Biography Law”

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By Publishing Perspectives

PublishNews BrazilThis week’s issue of PublishNewsBrazil, a collaboration between Publishing Perspectives and Publish News, brings you all the latest news from the booming Brazilian book market, including:

Brazil’s July 2012 Bestsellers Still Dominated by Agape Jr., but 50 Shades Coming
Priests continue to dominate PublishNewsBrazil’s July bestseller list, as well as two “politically incorrect guides,” but expect 50 Shades to make an appearance next month.

Publishers Fighting Law Preventing Publication of Unauthorized Biographies
At São Paulo’s International Biennial, the National Book Publishers Union signed a petition fighting a law preventing the publication of unauthorized biographies. Publishers have also filed a lawsuit.

State Government of São  Paulo Buys 12 million Books at Steep Discount
The state government of São Paulo announced the purchase of over 12 million copies of books, including 40+ titles, for three of education programs — likely at an 85% discount.

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