Best of 2012 (So Far): Self Publishing and Children’s Books

In Children's by Hannah Johnson

This week, Publishing Perspectives looks back on the first half of 2012 with stories that changed our perspective and shaped the industry. We will return to our regular publishing schedule next week. Enjoy!

Self Publishing

Booktango and the Future of DIY E-book Publishing
“[W]hile everyone won’t be successful, everyone will have the opportunity to be successful,” says Author Solutions’ Keith Ogorek of emerging self-publishers.

Is KDP Select Salvation or Damnation for Indie Authors?
Carolyn McCray, one of Kindle Selects’ top selling authors, demonstrates how to take best advantage of this marketing opportunity for self-publishers.

Why Writers Need Publishers…Or Do They?
Given the number of public attacks on the value of publishers, why have so few writers abandoned their existing publishers? There are some very good reasons.

Children’s and YA Books

Why Children’s Publishing Needs Freelance Editors Now
Former in-house editor Emma Dryden on going solo and the growing need for unaffiliated editors and consultants in the changing children’s publishing market.

YA Fiction at BEA 2012: Not Chasing Trends, Making Them
“As subsequent stories creep out from the epicenter, the work becomes more diluted,” said one novelist at BEA’s YA Buzz panel, where hot titles were showcased.

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