Kick Off Your New Year With Shakespeare and Publishing Perspectives!

In What's the Buzz by Edward Nawotka

By Dennis Abrams

Why not start 2012 by resolving to read more Shakespeare?  We’ll make it easy for you — Publishing Perspective’s year long journey through the plays of William Shakespeare — kicks off the new year with King Henry VI, Part Three (we’ll be reading Richard III immediately afterwards, completing Shakespeare’s look at the Wars of the Roses.)

But don’t worry if you’ve haven’t read Parts One or Two — King Henry VI, Part Three easily stands on its own.  And as Marjorie Garber describes it, “the quality of the poetry, and especially of the imagery is vivid throughout, and the portraits of lasciviousness, malevolence, and ambition in high places are as compelling and recognizable today as they would presumably have been in the early modern period.”

What better way to begin 2012?  I hope you’ll join us at The Play’s the Thing today!

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Edward Nawotka

A widely published critic and essayist, Edward Nawotka serves as a speaker, educator and consultant for institutions and businesses involved in the global publishing and content industries. He was also editor-in-chief of Publishing Perspectives since the launch of the publication in 2009 until January 2016.