Tijuana Carves Out a Distinct Literary Identity

In Spanish World Book News by Andres Hax

By Andres Hax

Writing in Milenio, the Mexican author Heriberto Yépez describes Tijuana’s thriving literary subculture, one that has been influenced by multiculturalism, music, new technologies, and its proximity to the United States.

According to Yépez the literature of Tijuana not only continues the traditions of Mexican literature, but also carves out its own new territory.

Among the books that he recommends as most emblematic of this cultural moment are: Señora Krupps by Javier Fernández (Static Books, 2010); Confesión de un sicario. Testimonio de Drago, lugarteniente de un cártel mexicano by Juan Carlos Reyna (Grijalbo, 2011); and Crossfader 2.0. B-sides, hidden tracks & remixes by Rafa Saavedra (Nortestación, 2011).

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