Planeta Announces ‘E-Circulo’ Subscription Streaming E-book Service

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By Andres Hax

José Manuel Lara, president Planeta

Just prior to October’s Liber Digital conference in Madrid, Planeta — the Spanish publishing house founded in 1949 in Barcelona — announced “e-circulo,” an initiative which will allow readers to “rent” e-books via e-streaming. José Manuel Lara, president of Planeta, said during the announcement that he will follow three golden rules for the digital era:

  1. pass on the savings of digital books to the readers
  2. not allow that the author receive less payment for his digital sales than for his paper sales
  3. and, finally, promote legislation that protects intellectual property rights, as is the case in France (as reported by Spanish journalist Joan Carles Valero)

The business model adopted by Planeta is akin to that of Netflix or Spotify, said Avion de papel — a popular blog — which also noted that E-Circulo as well as prominent e-bookstores, such as Casa de Libros, main objective might not simply be to sell books, but be to thwart piracy by establishing a new cloud system for accessing e-books in the Spanish marketplace.

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