New Database Maps Argentina’s Cultural Industries

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By Andres Hax

The government in Argentina has just launched The Cultural Map of Argentina, an online, interactive database featuring information about the publishing industry, as well as an overview of the country’s cultural marketplace. The resource has 34,000 entries, 110 charts, and 1,000 articles, among other features.

On the homepage of the map, for example, should you click on “Editoriales de libros” (publishing houses) the map of Argentina will fill up with points indicating locations. From there the user can drill down, by province, city, neighborhood and street to find the contact information and details of each editorial house listed.

Newspapers, radio stations, television stations, music labels, cultural centers, fairs and local festivals, are also covered by the database.

The idea for the government-sponsored project is to facilitate relationships and business development between the various cultural sectors.

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