Will a Collapse of the Euro Slow European E-book Adoption?

In Discussion by Edward Nawotka

By Edward Nawotka

The news out of Europe has been dominated by the effort of the German and French governments to bail out Italy — and thus save the Euro from collapsing. If one thinks back, it wasn’t that long ago that financial industry pundits were lauding the Euro as an even better and more stable reserve currency than the Dollar. And now the Euro is under threat of dissolution. Should it happen that the countries of Europe return to their own individual currencies, what effect will it have on European e-book adoption. One of the things has enabled multinational companies like Amazon, Kobo and Google to quickly establish viable e-book business’ in Europe has been the existence of the single currency, with facilitates easier transactions and accounting, not to mention eliminates pricing hassles and FX (foreign exchange) fees, which can cut into a company’s slim profits.┬áIf that factor is eliminated, will it hinder adoption? Will it slow more companies with the scale and ambition to work across borders from entering neighboring marketplaces?

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