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By Andres Hax

If you are interested in timely feeds on Spanish language cultural news, here are a few to get you started:

@QueLeer: Based in Venezuela, this user with 196,000 followers retweets stories from various sources.

@cult_digital: The Twitter feed of the cultural pages of the Argentine left-leaning newspaper Pagina 12.

@ficcionbreve: A feed dedicated to promoting news about Venezuelan literature.

@revistaenie: Revista Ñ, the cultural magazine of the Buenos Aires newspaper Clarín. It specializes in book reviews, author interviews and feature stories.

@javiercelaya: Publishing consultant,  CEO and founder of Dosdoce

@xpectro: Twitter handle of Pablo Arrieta, Bogota-based blue sky thinker on digital publishing issues

@canalL: An author video-interview site based in Barcelona.

@Gatopardocom: The excellent Mexican cultural magazine specialized in contemporary Latin-American journalism and narrative.

@serienegra: Based in Spain, specializes in contemporary noir fiction

@babelia_elpais: The feed of one of the Spanish language’s most important weekly cultural magazines, published by El País of Madrid.

@casamerica: The Spanish institution Casa de America, a central clearinghouse of cultural debate in iberoamerica.

@hipermedula: Based in Spain, this site is on the cutting edge of contemporary art and culture.

@JuanVilloro56: The personal Twitter account of Juan Villoro, one of Mexico’s most prestigious journalists and writers.

@bmvcervantes: The Cervantes Digital Library. Its goal is to promote Spanish literary culture, past and present.

@Planetadelibros: Book and trade news magazine, based in Madrid.

@saladepresna: Based in Mexico this is a thorough and rigorous feed related to journalism in Spanish.

@FCEMexico: Fondo Cultura Económica, one of the most prestigious publishing houses in Latin America.

@adnCULTURA: The weekly cultural magazine of La Nación, one of the leading newspapers of Buenos Aires.

@cvc_cervantes: The international Cervantes Cultural Center, based in Madrid.

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