Editis: Our Policy is Pluralism

In Frankfurt 2011 by Olivia Snaije

By Olivia Snaije

Pierre Dutilleul and Alain Kouck of Editis

Alain Kouck, CEO of Editis, France’s second largest publisher, was sounding relaxed about the rapidly expanding e-book market in France. “Every eight days there’s an announcement,” he said, referring to the arrival of the French Kindle and Tuesday’s news about a partnership agreement between book retailer FNAC and Kobo. “We’re very happy about this partnership,” said Kouck. “We are progressively making our books available on all fronts.”

Editis launched its own E-Plateforme in 2009. Editis books can be found not only on their E-plateforme, but also on the iBookstore and soon on Amazon said Kouck. “Our policy is pluralism . . . but we are also remaining vigilant regarding our economic model. Publishers need to remain in control of creation.”

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