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By Hannah Johnson

Aptara, a digital publishing solutions provider, released the results of its third annual e-book survey on Tuesday. The purpose of the survey is to report on the impact of e-books on publishers’ production and business models and. Information from over 1,300 book publishers — from trade, education, professional and corporate sectors — is included in the report. Download the full version here.

Some highlights from the report include:

  • One out of five e-book publishers generate more than 10% of their revenues from e-books.
  • Trade publishers’ rate of e-book production rose from 50% to 76% in two years.
  • Two out of three e-book publishers have not converted the majority of their backlist (legacy) titles to e-books.
  • Amazon still dominates distribution . . . but by a steadily decreasing margin. This trend is more attributed to the proliferation of other platforms and channels, particularly EPUB-based, than a decline in actual sales for Amazon.
  • Amazon generates the most e-book sales for Trade publishers (43%), even though a comparatively small percentage of Trade content is distributed through Amazon.
  • Publishers’ own e-commerce sites generate the greatest percentage of sales for all publishing market segments other than Trade — up to 18%.

Aptara President and CEO Dev Ganesan said, “The data collected from exploring publishers’ evolution from print to digital during the rise of e-books and mobile devices puts into perspective just how quickly publishers have mobilized to respond to market demand and highlights the opportunities for taking production, and revenues, to the next level.”

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