How Can We Nurture the Next Generation of Editorial Talent?

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By Hannah Johnson

Today’s story, part 1 of our updated report on the Indian publishing industry, quotes Rajeevan Karal of Cambridge University Press as saying:

New modes of delivery of content have thrown newer challenges to the editors, who are now, besides linguistic competence, required to understand the potentials of the new technologies to deliver content to the end user in the most preferred ways, and get authors to develop content that can make the best use of them.

As publishing technology evolves, the way authors and publishers develop content is also evolving. Editors are a passionate group of people dedicated to making books the best they can be, but what other skills will they need as the industry continues to digitize? And how can the publishing industry as a whole make sure that current and future editorial staff have the training and expertise they need to take advantage of the emerging opportunities that digital content provides?

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