Meet the 16 New 2011 Frankfurt Book Fair Fellows

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From the Press Release:

“Once a fellow, always a fellow” -– that’s the motto for participants of the Frankfurt Book Fair’s prestigious Frankfurt Fellowship Programme. This year’s participants will include 16 young publishing, editorial and rights professionals from 11 different countries.

The 2011 Fellowship Programme begins on 2 October in the week leading up to the Frankfurt Book Fair. The first few days are about getting to know each other and exchanging knowledge. Lectures and visits to well-known German publishers in Frankfurt, Hamburg and Berlin are also on the agenda. The programme concludes with a visit to the Book Fair. The highlight of the programme is the annual reception for all current and former fellows on the Thursday of the Fair at the Hessischer Hof in Frankfurt. “Having a professional network is essential to the success of one’s career today -– and this is the focus of the Frankfurt Book Fair Fellowship Programme. It offers participants the opportunity to interact with publishing colleagues from all over the world and to get to know the international publishing scene first-hand”, explained Niki Théron, who organises the programme on behalf of the Book Fair.

The Frankfurt Fellowship Programme was created in 1998 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Frankfurt Book Fair. Over the past years, a close network has been formed within the international publishing industry. So far, more than 200 people from 55 countries have taken part and they form a dedicated community.

Meet the 2011 Frankfurt Book Fair Fellows here.

(How many of them do you know?)

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