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Google+ Kicking A** with 10 Million Users

In Tech Digest by Hannah Johnson

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By Hannah Johnson

Google CEO Larry Page confirmed yesterday that Google+ has attracted over 10 million users since its launch just two weeks ago. Page also said that over 1 billion items are shared on Google+ per day. (Read the rest of Page’s remarks at Google’s quarterly earnings call.)

These numbers are pretty impressive, especially considering that Google+ is still in a trial phase. As TechCrunch notes, Google+ has managed to accumulate 1.3% of Facebook’s 750 million users in just two weeks.

Mashable had also gathered some interesting information about Google+. Two different reports from third-party companies estimate that 70-85% of Google+ users are male, and that around 60% identify themselves as either web developers or software engineers. This demographic seems typical of early adopters.

Google+ is a new social media product from Google that allows users to organize their network into circles of people and then choose which information to share with which circle.

Circles solve one of the problems that Facebook users have dealt with, namely whether to reveal personal information to work colleagues and acquaintances that are in one’s social network along with family and friends.

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