Watch UNESCO’s World Forum on The Future of the Written Word Live on Monday

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By Edward Nawotka

UNESCO world Forum on Culture and Cultural Industries starts today in Monza, Italy. It runs from June 6-8 and will cover “The Future of the Written Word.” Plenary sessions will focus on “The E-book Economy,” “Author’s Right in the Digital Era,” and “The Digital Library.” Nine workshops are devoted to the following sub-themes: “Blog versus Newspaper”, “Future of writing and reading”, “Changes in the production and distribution chain”, “Copyright versus copy-left”, “Fair use and Creative Commons”, “Preserving the digital memory”, “The library as public service”, “Good and bad in public and private partnership” and “The risks of digitization.”

We’ll have exclusive interviews with several of the more than 200 participants — conducted by Nicholas Gary, editor of French publishing journal Actua-Litté — running Monday. For those who cannot make the event, it will be live streamed via the conference Web site at You can also follow all the news, in English, French and Italian via Twitter at #booktomorrow.

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