Poll: Who is Driving the Digital Transition in Publishing?

In Discussion by Hannah Johnson

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By Hannah Johnson

Brian Wafawarowa, Executive Director of Publishers’ Association of South Africa, told Publishing Perspectives:

I do not think that the e-book shift is being proactively driven by publishers, but by consumer demand. The shift to or inclusion of e-books is still something publishers begrudge. Publishers are comfortable with the analog book and would like to continue that way. However, they are forced to respond to the reality of readers who have access to suitable e-readers and are demanding e-content. They are also driven by fear of becoming irrelevant or being left behind.

Do you think this is a fair assessment of the publishing industry? Are consumer demands pressuring publishers into the digital future, or did publishers recognize a new opportunity in digital content? Or perhaps, it was a technology company like Apple or Google that fundamentally changed the way people consume media. Take the survey below and tell us what you think!

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