Video Interview: Britannica’s Michael Ross on Mobile Apps and Apple

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By Thomas Minkus

Michael Ross, Senior Vice President & General Manager of Education at Encyclopaedia Britannica believes that mobile is one of the most important distribution channels for publishers of educational material. He spoke with Publishing Perspectives at the AEP’s Content in Context Conference in Washington DC this week.

Ross said that “the education market is demanding mobile access. Teachers, educators, they understand that the kids are using mobile apps all the time.” Ross stressed that even if publishers leap into mobile apps with a business model that isn’t 100% right, they are making the right decision.

Of course, Apple is the major player in the mobile market, said Ross. “Apple has a huge mindshare in the education space as well as the consumer space, and this is a worldwide phenomenon.” Ross also spoke about what he calls the “silent revolution” in which Apple has begun selling apps by volume to schools, or “classroom sets of apps.” Ross said this change generated a sales spike in Britannica apps because it means sales are not just trickling in one at a time.

Ross’s number one piece of advice for publishers entering the mobile market? Build a good relationship with Apple.

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