Idyllic Fernando de Noronha Island Stars in New iPad App

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Fernando de Noronha ipad app

By Maria Fernanda Rodrigues

Fernando de Noronha might still be one of those untouched hidden islands on the Atlantic Ocean if it wasn’t for the waves of tourists that started arriving there in the 1980s. This hard-to-reach, remote, northern island was “discovered” and became a top “dream destination” for many Brazilians and foreigners. Yet the cost of visiting the island can be prohibitive: plane tickets are expensive and tourists have to pay daily environmental taxes (a week can cost them around US$160). However, those who make it are rewarded with astonishing vistas, perfect beaches, and a deep blue sea filled with dolphins, fish, and other colorful sea life.

Fernando de Noronha iPad app

Now, some of this beauty can be vicariously experienced through Fernando de Noronha 3º50’S 32º24’W, a new iPad app published by Bei. It was first published as a US$100 luxury print-edition featuring 264 pages of photographs and text, a decade’s worth of work by underwater photographers Marta Granville and Zaira Matheus.

Bei’s app, which is available in the original Portuguese, as well as in an English translation, offers an additional 19 videos (including one made in 1932 from an airship), 11 antique maps and animated images that help to understand the geography and geology of the archipelago. The edition was coordinated by biologist Alice Grossman.

Fernando de Noronha iPad app

It is always better to see Fernando de Noronha in person (have a look via this video), but if you can’t make it, Fernando de Noronha 3º50’S 32º24’W will be an affordable substitute. It is available in the iTunes App store for US$19.99.

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