What Is Most Needed to Develop the Global E-book Market?

In Discussion by Edward Nawotka

For much of the world the biggest issue is simple: lack of legally available content.

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By Edward Nawotka

As many of the top global publishing professionals gather for UNESCO’s Focus 2011 conference in Monza, Italy, we want to know what you think is the single most pressing issue for developing the global e-book market.

For much of the world the biggest issue is simple: lack of legally available content.

As today’s feature story points out, Spain — to take one example — is suffering from a recession, which has slowed the adoption of digitization. The nation’s leading “legacy” publishers who banded together to form Libranda.es last year, have only managed to make thousands of titles available — and this to serve what is potentially the third largest audience of readers in the world (behind English and Chinese speakers).

For the United States, arguably the most “digitally developed” nation on Earth along with Japan, the issue is now that the content is by-and-large digitized, how will publishers make money from it.

For Japan, it is how to make that content accessible to the greatest number of readers, including the middle-aged and elderly.

Each country is at a different stage in its digital development — which brings its own challenges.

Tell us what you think are the most pressing problems to be solved in your corner of the world.

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