Is it Time for Publishers to Offer Advertising in Books?

In Discussion by Edward Nawotka

By Edward Nawotka

Today’s feature story considers the implications of implementing the “Spotify for books” model from the reader’s and author’s point-of-view. One of the key questions concerns the tolerance for advertising in books. While the publisher’s perspective on this question will be addressed in tomorrow’s issue, it will be interesting to hear your perspective today? What do you think — as the price of content is driven lower and lower, and publishers struggle for new ways to monetize their products, is it now time for publishers to consider taking advertising inside books?

If so, should advertising be restricted to digital titles, where pricing concerns are most acute, while print is left pristine? Or should publishers also consider putting ads in print books, where the ads are likely to command a premium price? Should authors have the option to negotiate this as part of their contract? And how would you react as a reader?

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