How Do You Work with Your Overseas Partners?

In Discussion by Hannah Johnson

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By Hannah Johnson

We at Publishing Perspectives consistently tout the benefits of forming global partnerships in the publishing industry. From buying and selling rights to learning new tricks of the trade, seeking out new contacts around the world helps us realize that opportunities are everywhere — literally. As today’s feature article on publishing opportunities in India points out, companies in growing markets like India are eager to collaborate with international partners and to take advantage of untapped potential.

But working globally is not just one big, happy opportunity. There are challenges ranging from language barriers and cultural differences to understanding new markets and, of course, multiple time zones. Simply communicating with your global partners can be a time-consuming task.

As a global team ourselves, the Publishing Perspectives team has tested all kinds of methods for organizing our schedules, our files and ourselves: Basecamp, Google sites, Google Docs, Dropbox, scheduled conference calls, unscheduled conference calls, endless emails, and the list goes on. Despite all of that, it remains a challenge.

So we want to know, how do you stay in touch and work effectively with your global partners? Do you simply rely on email and Skype, or do you have more sophisticated methods?

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Hannah Johnson


Hannah Johnson is the Publisher of Publishing Perspectives. Before joining PP in 2009, she worked as Project Manager at the German Book Office New York.