Does a Narrow Focus Give a Trade Publisher a Competitive Advantage?

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By Edward Nawotka

Today’s feature story offers a profile of Gallic Books, a UK-based publisher that specializes in translations from the French, a previously underserved niche in the market. As publishers face increasing competition from self-publishing, tech start-ups and the Web, does such single-mindedness offer them any competitive advantage?

Certainly by developing an expertise in a particular market segment, publisher can exploit this to attract the best authors. In addition, by being so focused, they can hone their marketing programs to precision — something that is often lacking an publishing — and thereby develop a deeper relationship with an audience, a brand even, which can help them sustain sales in the long-term.┬áIn addition, several niches are simply too small for the large trade conglomerates to pay much attention to, thus leaving room for smaller publishers to take up the slack and thereby granting them an organic competitive advantage.

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