What is the Most Literary City on Earth?

In Discussion by Edward Nawotka


By Edward Nawotka

Buenos Aires has been named World Book Capital for 2011 by UNESCO. UNESCO began the practice of naming World Book Capitals in 2001. Cities so honored include Madrid (Spain), followed by Alexandria (Egypt), New Delhi (India), Antwerp (Belgium), Montreal (Canada), Turin (Italy), Bogotá (Colombia), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Beirut (Lebanon), and Ljubljana (Slovenia). In 2012 the title goes to Yerevan (Armenia).

All the aforementioned cities have a strong literary tradition and commitment to books. But tell us, which city on Earth do you think is the most literate of all? One of those listed above? Or perhaps New York, London, Moscow…Hay-on-Wye?

Let us know what you think in the comments.

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