#LBF11: Deals for The Tools and Secret Nazi Conversations

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By Roger Tagholm

Vermillion Acquires The Tools

“Event publishing” is one of the phrases of the fair, it seems.  It’s how Ebury Publishing MD Fiona McIntyre is already referring to next spring’s publication of The Tools, the self-help title that has had London publishers talking (and calling their own therapists if they missed the deal). The book is by US therapist Barry Michels and his psychiatrist mentor Phil Stutz who have been practising in Hollywood for decades and who apparently include 13 Oscar winners among their clients.

According to Vermilion, which will publish in the UK simultaneously with Random House companies worldwide, the authors provide a set of simple techniques which “empower clients to tap into their own hidden resources, overcome obstacles and excel at whatever they turn their minds to.” The publisher believes it is destined to become a classic, alongside Feel the Fear and do it Anyway and, more recently, The Secret. Susanna Abbott, Editorial Director at Vermilion, acquired UK and Commonwealth rights from Denise Cronin at Spiegel & Grau for an undisclosed sum.  She says: “Every once in a while a book comes along that you know will completely revolutionize its field.  The Tools is definitely one of these books. Michels and Stutz will become the world’s most influential and authoritative self-help authors and I am absolutely thrilled to be publishing them.”

Fiona MacIntyre, Ebury Publishing MD says: “This will be event publishing, with a simultaneous launch by Random House companies worldwide. We will be working closely with our international colleagues to create an innovative global campaign that ensures maximum exposure for this groundbreaking book.”

Whether the publisher is overstating things remains to be seen, but one under-bidder said: “The US paid seven figures for this and that kind of creates its own momentum, so I think it will work.”

Nazi’s Secret Recorded Conversations

The secretly recorded conversations of German POWs at a detention centre in North London form the basis of a grim title about to be published by Fischer in Germany and currently being looked at by UK publishers. Soldaten (Soldiers) by Soenke Neitzel and Harald Walzer contains the testimonies of Luftwaffe pilots as they recall deliberately strafing garden parties and town centres.  It will add to the extensive record of Nazi brutality. The Allies bugged the camp’s rooms to try and obtain strategic information. The authors discovered the recordings while searching in British and US archives for information on the German U-boat war.  Knopf has world English language rights with editor Carol Brown Janeway selling.  Such has been the demand in Germany, Fischer has already had to reprint, helped by widespread media coverage in Der Stern and Die Zeit. Finnish rights have already gone to Gummerus.

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Roger Tagholm is based in London and has been writing about the book industry for more than 20 years. He is the former Deputy Editor of Publishing News and the author of Walking Literary London (New Holland) and Poems NOT on the Underground (Windrush Press).