Buenos Aires Book Fair: A Kiss on the Cheek Brings the Sting of Politics

In Global Trade Talk by Edward Nawotka

By Edward Nawotka

For an American, the Latin American habit of greeting one with a kiss on the cheek– even someone you’ve just, or even never, met before — can be unexpected. But it does make one feel welcome and you quickly get used to it. In Buenos Aires, where the 37th edition of it’s annual Feria International del Libro, aka, the Buenos Aires Book Fair, politics is very much in air. Nobel laureate Mario Vargas Llosa is stirring controversy for his comments picking a fight with local intellectuals aligned with the current government. Horacio González, director of the National Library, led a group protesting the Peruvian author’s invitation to open the Fair, something the organizers say was never planned.  Nevertheless, politics aside, the show goes on…

The Fair launched its professional program on Monday and will open to the public this weekend. Over the next several weeks it is expected to bring in more than one million visitors to tour the 1,500 exhibits from 42 countries.

You can read up on many of  the happenings at the Fair on its own blog and look here in the coming days for updates, reports and gossip and other goings on.

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