Which Transmedia Practices are Best Suited to Traditional Publishing?

In Discussion by Edward Nawotka

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By Edward Nawotka

Transmedia is more than a fad and is becoming an popular storytelling option for content creators. Many believe that book publishing can no longer operate in a silo and must conceive of new stories with transmedia practices in mind right from scratch.

At SXSW Interactive several panels offered ideas of how publishers can extension of traditional storytelling — either in print, audio, or online. This can range from launching Facebook and Twitter profiles for fictional characters, to creating entire alternate online storylines, films or, as discussed in today’s feature story, alternate reality games.

Each new platform requires specific skill sets. It often takes the sometimes slow-moving publishing industry years to incorporate innovations that have been adopted by other media industries. And once you start producing films and games you’re moving away from the core competencies of traditional publishing.

Building skill sets that can produce multiplatform transform stories will take time. So, which transmedia practices are best suited for traditional publishing to adopt now or in the near future?

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