Does Turkish Publishing Offer a Model for Other Growth Markets?

In Discussion by Edward Nawotka

Several key factors have contributed to Turkey’s rising profile on the global publishing scene, including Orhan Pamuk’s Nobel Prize and a stint as Guest of Honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

By Edward Nawotka

Turkey at FBF

“In some ways, Turkey’s burgeoning publishing industry may be a good model for Arabic-language publishing as it looks to grow its market in the next few years,” Chip Rossetti told me in regards to today’s feature story.

Turkey has had several key events happen in its recent literary history: a Nobel Prize winner, the professionalization of the industry through the growth of literary agencies and rights deals, as well as a showcase as Guest of Honour at the 2008 Frankfurt Book Fair. In addition, the industry continues to be supported by traditional media and an audience of interested readers. All of these are contributing to turning it into a major regional force.

Could Turkey’s burgeoning publishing industry, indeed, be a model other growth markets around the world?

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