Should Eva Gabrielsson or Another Famous Writer Continue the Millennium Series?

In Discussion by Edward Nawotka

millennium trilogy

By Edward Nawotka

The question of who exactly owns the rights to the rumored fourth, unfinished Millennium novel by Stieg Larsson is still up for debate. Provided Gabrielsson, Larsson’s family and the various publishing constituents involved can come to some kind of agreement, do you think Gabrielsson should finish and publish the manuscript? The answer for fans is likely to be a resounding “yes,” particularly in light of the fact that Gabrielsson claims to have been nothing short of a co-writer on the first three titles.

Beyond that, should Gabriellson — or perhaps another famous writer — be given the opportunity to extend the Millennium series, as has been done with other popular series, such as the James Bond, ┬áJason Bourne and Godfather novels? If so, what writer would you recommend keep the Larsson flame alive?

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