Proof that Publishers Know the Public Doesn’t Care About Publisher Branding

In What's the Buzz by Roger Tagholm

By Roger Tagholm

Notice anything odd about this illuminated panel advertisement for Sean Rayment’s Bomb Hunters currently adorning the London Underground? No? Try answering this then: who’s the publisher?

It’s a real oddity. Think how many times you read about publishers launching new imprints, re-vamping existing ones, re-doing their logos “we’re really pleased with this design, the way x represents y”, coming up with names –- Cornerstone, Swordfish, Fourth Estate or whatever — hiring consultants for image makeovers (in the old days anyway, when they had money) etc., etc., etc.

Presumably the folk at Collins sanctioned this advertisement, so they’re happy about their name not appearing. It just seems strange to look at. But perhaps it doesn’t matter. After all, isn’t it still the case that Penguin is the only publisher name that means anything to anyone outside the business?

That said, you do see one name there featured prominently…a name that the public presumably does recognize . . .

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Roger Tagholm


Roger Tagholm is based in London and has been writing about the book industry for more than 20 years. He is the former Deputy Editor of Publishing News and the author of Walking Literary London (New Holland) and Poems NOT on the Underground (Windrush Press).