What Is the Next Publishing Conference Buzzword?

In Discussion by Hannah Johnson


By Hannah Johnson

This year, TOC was all about content outside the boundaries of format and how publishers can develop content that will fit into a number of different “containers” including text, apps, print books, and interactive online content. At Digital Book World, the focus was also on creating enhanced content before thinking about format.

Conferences like TOC and Digital Book World are varied and thorough, but what issues and discussions are still missing?

As today’s feature article author Bethanne Patrick says of her conversations with author Margaret Atwood at TOC and the day-long Book 2 Camp, “at both events, Margaret Atwood and I discussed some of the same ideas with different audiences.”

Out of these various publishing conferences, trends emerge that keep us all talking for the next 6-12 months. Buzzwords start to circulate, and become part of the regular chatter.

But of course publishing folks have to plan ahead for the coming changes — as much as we can. So what do you think next year’s buzzwords and hot topics will be? Rights? Business models? New e-book enhancements?

And more importantly, what issues and topics would you like to hear discussed at next year’s digital publishing conferences? What challenges or opportunities do you see that aren’t being given enough attention?

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