How Do You Use Enhanced Content?

In Discussion by Hannah Johnson

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By Hannah Johnson

In an interview with Publishing Perspectives, Emmanuel Benoit of Jouve said that publishers use enhanced content in different ways. In the trade sector, he said, enhanced content is great for marketing and promotion, but has less potential as a new product to sell. Do you agree? Or do you consider your enhanced content an entirely new product category.

What kinds of enhanced content do you create and what do you do with it? Is it effective in attracting users and readers?

There have been some great examples of enhanced e-books and storytelling “experiences” from trade publishers that are being sold to consumers, and much more that is used only for marketing and promotion. Publishers no longer have to ask whether something is technically possible, but whether it is worth. Will the expense of creating a video series convert enough viewers into buyers? Will building an author website with games and interactive content widen the author’s audience?

As publishing pros, you have all grappled with these kinds of questions. So Publishing Perspectives wants to know what kinds of enhanced content you create and what you do with it. Do you create videos, audio, websites, games? How do you get people to find and interact with this content? What is best-loved and most effective?

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