Essential Reading: The Future of the Book from O’Reilly’s Mike Hendrickson

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By Hannah Johnson

ESSENTIAL READING: The future of the book by Mike Hendrickson

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In the wake of the opportunities and challenges discussed at the Tools of Change conference, O’Reilly’s VP of Content Strategy Mike Hendrickson urges the publishing industry, “Let’s change the The Book of the Future before we have to.” What a great and, in my opinion, important message. Driving innovation is better than catching up with it.

Hendrickson has created a list of the major ideas and opportunities that publishers should consider as they create the future of publishing. We, as an industry, are combating declining print sales and looking for new revenue streams, new business models, and new “best practices” that can transform the way we produce and sell content.

Hendrickson has broken down the larger issues facing publishers today into small, digestible pieces of information. Some items on the list are already being addressed by publishers, others will take more time.

Is there anything you would add to this list?

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