Deutsche Telekom To Enter the E-book Business

In German Buch News by Hannah Johnson

Deutsche Telekom

By Hannah Johnson

The Financial Times Deutschland reported yesterday that among other new services, Deutsche Telekom will launch an e-book distribution platform in the coming weeks. FTD interviewed Edward Kozel, the Chief Technology and Innovation Officer for Deutsche Telekom. Kozel did not directly comment on an e-book platform, but he did say, “We are speaking with content providers about selling products through Web portals, either bundled with devices or as individual services.”

Of course one of the challenges with offering paid content to phones is building a system for mobile payments. DT is working to develop an international payment system for Europe and the United States. Kozel said DT is looking to partner with AT&T and Verizon in the United States.

In the same article, the Financial Times wrote that it is no longer enough for telecommunication companies to offer better devices and faster service to their customers. They also have to offer other services, like content.

This is not DT’s first move into e-book distribution. Around this time last year, Deutsche Telekom partnered with German e-book retailer Ciando to launch an e-book platform called, which was targeted at younger readers.

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