A Perfect Example of Video That Could Work for Enhanced E-books (via the UK and Sweden)

In Ed's Perspective by Edward Nawotka

By Edward Nawotka

Video and film is a tricky format, especially for book publishers who are working in the medium. When it comes to “enhancing e-books” publishers need to be careful. The enhancements shouldn’t interrupt the text or repeat it, but offer a lateral view of the subject at hand – a genuine enhancement – rather than the core material merely re-imagined in another format.

Something ephemeral strikes me about this video that makes me think it’s just the sort of short, entertaining and informative video presentation that would be perfect for an enhanced e-book on, say, the subject of world-history.


It’s wonderful the way professor Hans Rosling is able to convey a simple idea, visually. (And look at that dip in health for China around the time of the Cultural Revolution — it’s shocking . . . )

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