CES 2011: Video Interview with OverDrive’s David Burleigh

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By Hannah Johnson

“It’s not so much about the content here . . . it’s more about manufacturers, retailers, traditional booksellers, non-traditional booksellers, anyone who wants to get into the bookselling business,” said David Burleigh, Director of Marketing for OverDrive, of the Consumer Electronics Show.

However, media companies played a bigger role at CES this year. In fact, Burleigh said, OverDrive spoke to a number CES exhibitors from the technology industry about building e-book stores, integrating apps and providing solutions for getting e-books onto various devices.

Burleigh said he didn’t see a clear winner between tablets and dedicated e-reading devices in the near future. “We’re seeing a lot of tablets at CES this year. There were a lot of e-readers last year, and I think there’ll be a few [e-readers] that make it.” In fact, the explosion of devices over the last year has increased awareness about the availability of e-books from libraries. Burleigh told us that circulation at all of OverDrive’s libraries increased over the holidays.

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