What’s the Best Advice for Someone Launching a Publishing Start-up?

In Discussion by Edward Nawotka

By Edward Nawotka

Today’s lead story discusses the challenges a German journalist faced when launching her own publishing — Berlinica — company in the US. Among the questions she had to answer were: what books to publish, how to get secure the rights, who will design them . . . as well as funding, distribution and promotion issues. She relied heavily on her personal contacts (to raise funds), her own instincts (to find books), as well as the several services offered by Amazon and other publishing services companies.

If you’ve worked on a launch recently, tell us a little about your experience and the challenges you faced. What were the most important questions you needed to answer? What solutions did you come up with? And what’s the best piece of advice you could offer someone launching their own publishing house today? (And please forgo simply saying “Don’t do it . . . )

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