Indie Swiss Pubs Promote Books on Juice Bottle Labels

In What's the Buzz by Edward Nawotka

By Siobhan O’Leary

An association of independent Swiss publishers known as Swips is juicing up its marketing activities on behalf of its members. Literally.

Founded three years ago, the organization is now teaming up with organic smoothie producer Traktor to launch an unconventional new campaign giving its 22 member publishers the opportunity to feature poems, book excerpts or very short stories on the back of Traktor juice bottle labels. There will be 32 different labels in total and they will be numbered for the benefit of potential collectors.

Authors featured will include Werner Bucher, Franz Dodel, Katharina Faber, Felicitas Hoppe, Sandra Hughes, Francesco Micieli and Gerold Späth and the texts will appear in Bernese German, standard German or French.

This is only the start of the association’s refreshing attempts to amplify the voices of independent Swiss publishers. According to Buchreport, the publishers will also join forces with the Swiss Tourist Board to organise a series of literary/culinary events that will take place in some of Switzerland’s luxury hotels next summer.

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