Do You Ever Feel Like a Failure at Social Media?

In Discussion by Edward Nawotka

asleep at the computer

By Edward Nawotka

Today’s editorial by Daniel Kalder discusses some of the vagaries of using social media as a writer, in particular, to promote you books. In the piece he suggests, “The best way to use social media is to view them not as a mystical cure for what ails publishing, or a magic sales tool, but rather as another outlet for creative energy and a more immediate means of interacting with your readers.”

But what if, after working all day on you own work, you’ve simply¬†run out of gas and marshaling the extra energy to blog, tweet and Facebook, is more than you can manage? Do you feel ever like a failure at social media? Do you ever force yourself to blog/tweet when you might not feel up to it out of a sense of obligation? What do you do to find the social media muse again?¬†Perhaps you’ve tried it, and didn’t like it — what do you do then?

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