Day One Was Easy, Day Two Is Not

In Erin's Perspective by Erin L. Cox

By Erin L. Cox

As you might’ve read in yesterday’s story, I have decided to devote this month to writing “The Great American Novel” as part of The National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).   I got a lot of support (even from my father–see the comments on that story) and woke up feeling inspired.  I banged out 1700 words before I even had coffee and felt righteous the whole rest of the day.

This morning, life intervened.  I had to vote, I have a book proposal revision to read, I am pitching a book that ties into the election coverage, and, well, I’m just busy.  I need to go to the gym.  I have to run to the cleaners.  I have a conference call this morning and meetings all afternoon.  I have to submit two proposals to potential clients.  And, you know what I haven’t done…written by 1700 words.  

I am a writer.  I’ve written my whole life.  But adding quiet, focused writing time to the routine of your life can sometimes be hard.  Is it okay to write a little here and there?  I think yes.  When I’m on the subway heading into the city, I’m going to continue my story in my notebook (later to be transferred to my computer file). 

If you, too, are struggling, don’t worry we’ll get through it together.  I’m going to write what I can during the week and give a little extra time to it during the weekend when things are quieter and more thoughtful.  Throughout this month, in addition to my 1700 words, I’m going to try to blog a few times each week to tell you how I’m doing and where my story is going.  Join in the comments and tell me how you’re doing too.

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Erin L. Cox has worked as Business Development Director for Publishing Perspectives. She is a Senior Associate at Rob Weisbach Creative Management, where she represents writers and handles publicity and advertising clients.