Day 9: Has Your Bag of Tricks Been Exhausted?

In Erin's Perspective by Erin L. Cox

By Erin L. Cox

So, we’re on Day 9 of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and if you watch Twitter, get the updates from the NaNoWriMo pep talkers, and hear from friends who are also writing this month, you know that the second week is said to be the most difficult. There are plenty of resources that can give you tips and tricks (I’ve been enjoying the offerings from GalleyCat), but I think the best thing to do is to talk through your story with people who are not writing a novel and can help make your story as realistic as possible.

Over the weekend, I had two close friends come to visit.  I put my writing on hold to entertain them.  Sure, I wasn’t catching up on the word count that had lagged over the course of the week or even doing my alloted word count for each weekend day, but I did see my way through some of the problems my characters and story were starting to encounter.  How did I do that?

Behind my novel is a personal story (I know, I know), so I talked to them not about my novel and the writing, but about the personal story.  We discussed my emotions and those of the other people involved and it helped me see a way through to the other side.  Writing yesterday and today has been much easier since that conversation.

So, if you get stuck, share your story with someone else and see if that helps you spark new ideas and push your characters along on their journey.  It might just help.

What other tools and tricks do you use to get through a touch of writer’s block or a roadblock in your story?

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