Will Ardor for E-books Diminish as They Become Commonplace?

In Discussion by Edward Nawotka

By Edward Nawotka

Today’s lead story looks at Argentina’s e-book market. One of the arguments of the piece, is that e-books are seen as “sexy,” all the more so because of the relative scarcity of e-books and e-readers in the country.

Visitors test e-reading devices at the Frankfurt Book Fair (Photo © Frankfurt Book Fair)

E-books are having their moment in the spotlight a look to be this year’s big holiday gift. But once they become commonplace, is our ardor for them likely to diminish?

Now that we can buy iPads and Kindles in Target and there’s an e-reader integrated into smart phones, the novelty of e-reading is wearing off. Will the early adopters, many of whom are even more entranced by tech than by books, leave their e-readers to gather dust as they turn their attention next great gadget?

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