The Digital Innovators: Iain Millar of Quercus

In Guest Contributors by Ramy Habeeb

• Ian Millar of Quercus features the latest installment of our profiles of digital innovators from the UK.

• “Ebooks are growing quickly in the UK,” says Millar, “but we’ve got some serious making-up to do. There’s still a lot of unfulfilled potential.”

Interview by Ramy Habeeb

The latest installment in our ongoing series of profiles of digital innovators from the UK features Iain Millar, marketing and digital publishing manager of Quercus. Millar has worked in publishing for seven years, and at Quercus for the last three and a half years. In the interview he discusses the effort to maximize ebook sales of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy in the UK, working with mobile carrier Vodafone to promote the books, the future of the EPUB format, and what might be coming along in the next several years for digital publishing.


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Ramy Habeeb

Ramy Habeeb is Director and co-founder of, the first Arabic language e-book publishing house in the Middle East, and an established digitization-services centre.