The Best Book(let) at the Frankfurt Book Fair

In Frankfurt Tips by Ingrid Süßmann

By Ingrid Süßmann

For most of the year, the Bible probably is the most read book worldwide. But during the Frankfurt Book Fair, there’s another book that aims to shed some light on trying times.

During the fair, your bible is going to be the all-knowing Messe ABC. Download it here from Publishing Perspectives.

No matter if you’re a naive newbie or an experienced veteran at the Fair, the Messe ABC (translation: Book Fair ABCs) explains everything you need to know. In both German and English, it covers topics like where to park, how to find an electrician on-site, and how to ship large boxes.

Need a last-minute stand graphic? Looking for the Client’s Lounge in Hall 8? Want to know where the fire extinguishers and first aid stations are located? There’s one place to look. The Messe ABC. If you need the shuttle bus schedule or a reliable taxi service to get you home after a long day, where would you check? Easy –check the Messe ABC.

Get ready for the busy days ahead and come to Frankfurt prepared like never before -– use the Messe ABC!

Ingrid Suessmann

Ingrid has just completed her bachelor’s thesis on the effect of e-books in the publishing industry and is currently doing an internship at the German Book Office in New York City.

About the Author

Ingrid Süßmann

Ingrid Süßmann is an IT Project Manager at Droemer Knaur in Munich, Germany. She previously worked as Author Relations Manager for neobooks, and has held various positions at Random House Germany and Carlsen Verlag. In addition to her work in book publishing, Ingrid is also a certified beekeeper and fan of baby donkeys.