Has the iPad Lived Up to Its Hype?

In Discussion by Edward Nawotka

By Edward Nawotka

Today’s lead story considers the introduction of the iPad to Latin America. Apple’s device has been largely viewed as a revolutionary product, one that has brought tablet computing to the mainstream. We’ve now been living with the iPad for some six months now and discussion of the potential of the device is ongoing. Has it, in your opinion, lived up to its hype? What are the most impressive apps/features you’ve found to be useful on the iPad?

In my estimation, I believe we’re still waiting to see publishers fully exploit the potential of the medium (I’m especially keen to see the promised iPad version of Sebastian Junger’s War, which is said to integrate footage from Tim Heatherington’s documentary Restrepo). I do, like so many others, use my iPad largely as a media device — to consume books, movies, to read the web — but I’m far more inclined to turn to my laptop for content creation. Right now, the iPad is by-and-large a one way medium to me; the future of the web lies in two-way interactivity and creation. Surely, that will come, and soon.

The iPad hasn’t yet come to represent a revolution in digital publishing as yet (why for example can’t I get a decent copy of the New York Times on the iPad or several of my magazines?), it has come to represent a revolution in thinking about digital publishing. It’s a start and that to me is enough.

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