Frankfurt Launches Official Book Fair Blog, Features PP on US E-books

In Global Trade Talk by Edward Nawotka

By Edward Nawotka

The Frankfurt Book Fair’s official blog is up and running again. It is offered both in German and in English and will be going throughout the Fair. This year’s English full-time language bloggers will be the trio of Richard Nash, Alex Hippisley-Cox and Roger Tagholm. They’ll provide real-time commentary on what they see and hear throughout the Fair.

The site also promises to be a resource for those looking to delve deeper into some of the publishing issues being addressed at this year’s event.

Several posts on the site focus on the intersection between books, film and games, with interviews with Jörg Tittel, director, writer, game designer, who will be as speaker at StoryDrive – the Conference, and Juliane Schulze, senior partner and consultant, peacefulfish.

Elsewhere on the blog, you can also find a three-part series of pieces (written by me) that try to offer an overview of the state of the US e-book business and call out some companies who are particularly interesting and innovative. Regular readers of Publishing Perspectives will find some of the material familiar, but it might also be a good way to catch up if you’ve missed a few issues.

Check in daily. You’re guaranteed to find something of interest.

You can find the Frankfurt Book Fair blog here.

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