Where to Get Some Local Flavor in Frankfurt

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By Ralph Möllers

OK, you’ve been to touristy Sachenshausen (across the Main River from the city center of Frankfurt). You’ve been to super commercial “Fressgass” to get the best delicatessen food around. Now what? You want to see a real “Äppelwoi” joint? A place where the locals go?

In this case, I would recommend the Apfelweinwirtschaft Schreiber-Heyne. It’s not anywhere near the beaten tourist paths and it has kept its original 19th century charm. The restaurant is small but the food is excellent. Try the “Kartoffelwurst,” a sausage filled with ground meat and potato cubes, or one of the best “Schnitzel” you can get in Frankfurt, accompanied by the famous “Green Sauce.” And leave some room for the homemade sweet pudding for dessert.

They say the Frankfurt “Appelwoi” (sort of a dry cider) is not for everyone. You may need what they call an “acquired taste” for it. But rest assured, you won’t need more than a glass or two to acquire the taste for this homemade, clean, organic drink.

The restaurant is not in a particularly charming neighborhood, mind you, but it is still worth the trip and comes as close to the “real” Frankfurt as you can get.

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