How Much Do You Tip in Frankfurt?

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By Hannah Johnson

A taxi driver in Munich once told me that Americans give the best tips out of any nationality. He was of course willing to accept those bigger tips, but what is polite and how much are you really supposed to give?


Taxi drivers in Germany are accustomed to relatively small tips. Anywhere between 50 cents and 2 Euros is normal, depending on the amount of the fare. For example:

  • if the fare is 9.50 Euros, the total with tip would be 10 Euros
  • if the fare is 27.30, you can round up to 29 Euros


Again, restaurant staff are not customarily receive large tips. At casual restaurants, tips are around 3 to 5 percent of your total. If your bill is 30 Euros, leave between 1 and 2 Euros.

At fancier restaurants, regardless of whether it is lunch or dinner, Germans usually tip up to 10 percent of the total. If your bill is around 100 Euros, give between 7 and 10 Euros as tip.

However you only need to tip if you are happy with the service. Germans have no qualms about leaving smaller tips if something was not to their liking.


The old “dollar per drink” rule doesn’t apply in Germany. You don’t pay every time you order a drink, but rather at the end. In that case, you can tip around 5 percent, or leave a few Euros extra with the bartender.


In most hotels, if you feel like tipping anyone, like the porter who brings your luggage to your room or the doorman who gets you a taxi, make it 1 Euro. More is not necessary. If you need to get rid of your extra change, leave it on the table in your room for the housekeeping staff.

Hannah Johnson

Hannah Johnson

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