Yerevan, Armenia Named World Book Capital for 2012

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By Edward Nawotka

Every year the International Publishers Association, the International Booksellers Federation (IBF) and the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) to grant the title of UNESCO World Book Capital to one city. This year the World Book Capital is is Ljubljana, Slovenia. Next year it will be Buenos Aires, Argentina, and in 2012 — it has just been announced — Yerevan, Armenia will be given the honor.

The city holds the title from 23 April (UNESCO World Book Day) until 22 April of the following year

IPA Secretary General Jens Bammel, says “Yerevan built an exciting program focusing on freedom of expression, copyright, and activities for children who will be tomorrow’s readers, authors and publishers. We are very much looking forwarded to working with the various Armenian stakeholders, in particular the local publishers, to contribute to the success of Yerevan, World Book Capital 2012”.

Yerevan, Armenia, is the twelfth city to be designated World Book Capital, after Madrid (2001), Alexandria (2002), New Delhi (2003), Antwerp (2004), Montreal (2005), Turin (2006), Bogotá (2007), Amsterdam (2008), Beirut (2009), Ljubljana (2010), and Buenos Aires (2011).

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