Will Video Games Become More Like Interactive Graphic Novels?

In Discussion by Chip Rossetti

By Chip Rossetti

Today’s lead story discusses the first interactive, immersive graphic novel for the iPad, which combines elements of both video games (because the reader controls the pace of the story and can “peel back” the page to reveal historical documents and images as he or she goes) and graphic novels (because it walks the reader through an illustrated story.) Recently, Publishing Perspectives published an interview with Tom Bissell in which he talked about how “stupid” the storytelling is in most video games.

Is an interactive graphic novel like Operation Ajax —based on an actual historical event, and scripted in consultation with an author who’s done the research — the solution to bad video-game stories? Will we start seeing more sophisticated narratives in video games? Or do you think amalgams like this are more likely to be the future of graphic novels?

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Chip Rossetti is the managing editor of the Library of Arabic Literature translation series at NYU Press. He is a translator of contemporary Arabic fiction.